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Class: Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart Preview And Ten Exclusive Teasers

As we reach the half-way point of the Doctor Who spinoff, this week’s episode of Class sees the return of Corakinus and the Shadow Kin, following on from For Tonight We Might Die‘s cliffhanger of April sharing her heart with the king of the Shadow Kin. During the episode, April is ‘possessed’ and becomes aggressive and scary. Sophie Hopkins puts in a great performance, showing April’s turmoil and her determination to overcome it.

Meanwhile, there is also action at the school, with a new headmaster that’s not what she seems and a separate alien threat that wouldn’t look out of place in Doctor Who. This dramatic subplot is overshadowed by the main plot, but the seeds are sewn nicely for it to develop in the next episode. The team are split even more for most of the episode, leaving Tanya especially with not much to do.

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart is again quite slowly paced, with most of the drama coming towards the end of the episode. It feels like it’s more of a two-parter with next week’s episode rather than a stand alone episode. Overall the episode is a good story with a lot going on – including a few very odd moments – and two cliffhangers that got me very excited for next week’s episode, Brave-ish Heart.

We also have ten exclusive teasers (including a bonus from episode 5) to get you thinking:
  1. “The anchor is prepared your majesty.”
  2. What’s in the box?
  3. A plant with an appetite​
  4. Princes don’t have parent’s evenings
  5. The mindset of a soldier
  6. “It’s also a weapon.”​
  7. “Have you seen any squirrels this morning?”
  8. “Is he… all human… down there?”
  9. What has April done?
  10. “I deserve death.”
Bonus: Brave-ish Heart teaser (highlight to read)
  • “They’ll bury us by tomorrow morning.”

Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart will be available on BBC iPlayer on Saturday 5th November.