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Class Dismissed

Spin-off Class debuted to some fanfare last October in the UK online, but it was clear from the muted reception, poor iPlayer ratings and graveyard spot on BBC One that the show had not received the attention necessary for renewal.

While the show is yet to be officially cancelled, creator Patrick Ness has confirmed on Twitter, to coincide with the airing of the series finale on BBC America, that he will not be writing anymore episodes of the show. You can read his statement below on a Twitter thread, starting with this tweet:

Ness thanked the fans on the show, and suggested that a second season would have involved a Weeping Angel ‘civil war’, and a ‘dangerous son’ for key character Quill, who ended the first season pregnant.

We’ll keep you posted if there is any official word from the BBC about the show’s cancellation, which is sadly likely to be a formality as this point.

[Source: Doctor Who News]