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Class: The Lost (Season Finale) – 10 Exclusive Teasers

The season finale of spin-off Class airs next Saturday, and we have put together our set of ten exclusive teasers to whet your appetite for The Lost. We’ll have an advance preview for you tomorrow!

  1. “Face your future with spite, with defiance.”
  2.  An offer she can’t refuse
  3. “I have a positive vision!”
  4. “Do you ever feel like it’s so dark that it’ll never be light again?”
  5. Staff Only
  6. “We will be ready on that ******** ***.”
  7. “I’ll take you into battle. I’ll take you to the very end of the world.”
  8. Some familiar words…
  9. “You took mine, we took yours.”
  10. One, two, five, three, four.
The Lost drops on BBC Three on Saturday 3rd December. .