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Class: Nightvisiting Preview And Ten Exclusive Teasers

Nightvisiting – the third episode of the Doctor Who spinoff Class – is quite a contrast from the opening two episodes. Now that the characters, themes and style of the show has been established, it’s time to learn more about our lead characters; we uncover their secrets and dig deeper into their family lives.

The episode has a much slower pace, with more emphasis on the emotions and psychological games as opposed to big explosions and shouty monsters. As is often the case in some of the best Doctor Who stories (yes, I’m going to keep mentioning it, this is a Doctor Who news site after all!) emotions are a strong theme in this episode, which not only shows how we as humans struggle with grief, but how we use other emotions and different methods to overcome sadness.

The alien in Nightvisiting is an interesting concept. Similar to the Weeping Angels or the Empty Child, touch them and it’s game over. The team are separated for the most part, leaving them vulnerable, but near the end there’s a brief burst of action and we get, in my opinion, a solution that’s a little two obvious and over too quickly.

Overall, the episode shows another side to Class and although it is often slow and has what seems like a bit of an unnecessary subplot involving Charlie, it’s another strong episode that might just win over those who prefer the darker, deeper tone.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, here’s ten exclusive teasers and a bonus from the next episode:

  1. “Alien invasion or teen angst?”
  2. Cracks in the universe
  3. Suspiciously sentimental
  4. An alien concept of love
  5. The great trunk
  6. “Souls can never be forced, they can only be persuaded.”
  7. Puddle
  8. “The world isn’t sensible, haven’t you noticed?”
  9. A screwdriver and a pair of secateurs
  10. Not glass
BONUS Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart trailer teaser (highlight to read)
  • A broken plant pot and a bowl of petals.

Nightvisiting will be available on BBC iPlayer on Saturday 29th October.