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Class Ratings After BBC One Broadcast

When Doctor Who spin-off Class launched on the online BBC Three back in October, the crowd went mild. Despite weeks of hype and a cameo from the Twelfth Doctor, the spin-off’s first two episodes only received around 185,000 viewers. The rest of the series didn’t do much better, with a total of 200,000 viewers, but there was hope that when it aired on BBC One things would pick up.

The first two episodes aired last night in the late evening timeslot and the figures were somewhat better. Episode 1, For Tonight We May Die, was broadcast at 10.45pm and received an estimated audience of 0.94 million viewers, meaning a 10% share of the total TV audience. Though this is considerably better than the online broadcast, the rating is below the channel’s average of 1.64 million for that timeslot. However, the episode rated higher than BBC2’s Newsnight (0.65 million) and ITV’s Through The Keyhole (0.75 million).

Episode 2, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, followed at 11.40pm, but only received 0.39 million viewers, a 7.4% share of the audience. The usual average for this timeslot is 0.64 million, but the episode did perform better than programmes on the other four main channels.

The final official ratings will be announced soon, but what could this mean for Class? Katherine Kelly had previously mentioned that there were talks of a second series very early on, but will this be the case after such poor ratings? As ever, only time will tell.