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Class to Get a Late Night Slot on BBC One Next Year

Spin-off Class has wrapped up its first season on BBC iPlayer, so attention has turned to the broadcast on BBC One that the initial press release indicated would follow, bringing the spin-off to a much wider audience than the online release.

The Radio Times have revealed plans for Class on BBC One, and it seems as if the show’s muted reception has impacted its fortunes. According to senior BBC sources, Class will be shunted to a late night slot of 10.45pm after the news on BBC One when it hits the channel in 2017. This is partially due to the reception, and partially due to the graphic violence that makes the show unsuitable for an early timeslot.

Nonetheless, it’s a blow for a spin-off that has not achieved strong ratings (less than 185,000 viewers according to a BBC iPlayer report). We’ll keep you updated with the latest news on Class’ future as it comes!

[Source: Radio Times]