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Classic Doctor Who On Netflix

So you probably know that our beloved Doctor Who is on Netflix , right? Well, my compatriots of all things Who, some of the more dedicated fans might be interested in the fact that a good number of classic Doctor Who serials are now on Netflix too.

I watched the very first serial myself, and while yes, the exposition is a bit tedious, the gender roles stereotyped and it lacks a lot of the visual flare that both Classic and New Who are known for, I did enjoy the First Doctor as a grumpy, cantankerous and proud old man.

It’s a fascinating look at the very earliest days of the show and while it’s not something for every fan, you old veterans and you young devotees may want to give this a look.

I’m able to confirm its presence for UK viewers, and I’m informed by a reliable friend that it’s in the US too. I’m still unable to confirm it for other places.