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Classic Who DVD Release Dates

Here we are again with the news of some more classic serials getting the DVD treatment. I’ve only been able to confirm that these are the Region One release dates, so Region 2 readers I’m sorry but if they’re not available for preorder in your area already, they probably will be in a month or two.

First up is Second Doctor serial The Krotons, to be released July 2nd, brought up from the original July 10th date. It has the usual commentaries, documentaries and production detail subtitles these releases have, so if Troughton’s your man, head on over to Amazon because it’s available for preorder now.

Second is The Greatest Show on Earth, the last of the Seventh Doctor serials to get a DVD release. As well as the usual menagerie of features, there’s also The Psychedelic Circus music video, deleted scenes and more. Also available for preorder now, this one drops on July 30th.

Finally we have First Doctor serial Planet of Giants which…is a bit complicated. See, it was originally written as a four parter, but producer Verity Lambert decided it was two long and forced the final two episodes to be smooshed together into one. This release has reconstructed the two episodes as close as it can to their intended form, and includes a documentary on the effort too. Available for preorder 2037…OK, so you can preorder it now, the street date is August 20th.

Hopefully that’ll be enough Who to tide you fans of the classics over for the summer.