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Colin Baker On Return: ‘It’s Not Going To Happen’

Colin Baker, who played the sixth Doctor between 1984 and 1986 has said to the ‘Cambridge News’ that a return to the show is “not going to happen”.

“They don’t need us – the programme is doing extremely well without us. Also, every time someone asks me that question I hold up a photograph of myself when I played the part, compared to what I look like now, and say, ‘OK, how do you deal with that?’

He goes on to add that he is “neither for nor against” a return, as long as his Doctor got “a fair crack of the whip”.

“There would be two big questions I would ask: the first is, is my Doctor going to get a fair crack of the whip in the story, and not be eclipsed by anybody else?”

“And the other one is, what vast fortune are you offering me? I’d be quite brutal… and say, if they offered me a million quid, I’d go on and say one line for them. If they offered me a tenner, I wouldn’t.”

Read the rest of the interview here.