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ComicCon Doctor Who Panel News

The Doctor Who panel is well underway in SanDiego but the most interesting thing DigitalSpy have to report is the script from a short preview of the 2 end specials, starring David Tennant as the 10th Doctor.

The script can be seen below:
Cut to brief preview reel of clips from David’s final episodes as the Doctor. A voiceover mentions “bad dreams”. Shots of Wilfred and Donna, and a man wearing a black hood. “His name is the master,” says the voiceover and John Simm is revealed (with blond hair). “He returns”. Final caption says: “The end of time. Christmas 2009.”

What do you think of this?

Also, Russell T. Davies revives on his time working on Dr Who:
“I’ve loved Doctor Who all my life and thought about it so much. Now I’ve taken it from my subconscience and it’s made it into the world. It’s been the most beautiful and brilliant time of my life.”

“I thought it would go big one year and then we’d collapse and be taken off the screens. We worked hard but we never ever dreamt it would be this successful. It gobsmacked me and amazed me.”

It has also been confirmed that the episode of SJA where the Doctor features will be called ‘The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith’. A two parter.

Also it is not looking likely for David Tennant to return as ‘The Other Doctor’. He asked but “There are no plans, but anything can happen.” was the reply.

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