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Complete Series 6 DVD/Blu-Ray Details

Details have now been released regarding The Complete Series 6 DVD and Blu-Ray, set for release this November. The box set includes all Series 6 Episodes and the 2010 Christmas Special, ‘A Christmas Carol’. No artwork for the cover has yet been released. Thanks to Doctor Who TV for the information below.

Extras include: 

Meanwhile in the Tardis feature – Newly filmed scenes telling what happens between the episodes:
Bad Night (Runtime: 3m 37s)
Good Night (Runtime: 4m 50s)
First Night (Runtime: 2m 13s)
Last Night (Runtime: 3m 32s)
Up All Night (Runtime: 1m 55s) 

Comic Relief 2011 mini episodes – Space and Time 


The Impossible Astronaut (Runtime: 1m 48s)
Curse of the Black Spot (Runtime: 1m 23s)
A Good Man Goes to War (Runtime: 1m 36s)
Let’s Kill Hitler (Runtime: 1m 55s)
The Wedding of River Song (Runtime: 1m 11s) 

Doctor Who Confidential featurettes – An inside look at each episode 

Monster Files featurettes – Get under the skin and inside the minds of the new Doctor’s most challenging opponents 

Audio commentaries 

Trailers and Trails feature