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Doctor Who Costume Designer Colin Lavers Has Died

It is with the deepest regret that The Gallifrey Times have to announce that Colin Lavers, a BBC Costume Designer best known for the much loved Fifth Doctor’s cricket-inspired ensemble, has died.

The creation of the iconic design worn by Peter Davidson during his tenure as the Doctor actually one of Colin’s first jobs on Doctor Who. An integral part of each Doctor has been their wardrobe, and without men and women like Colin the world would not have laughed with, loved and hidden behind the sofa in fear of  the Doctor and his enemies for almost fifty years.

The Fifth Doctor era had a lot of work to do to break out of the shadow of the highly popular and incredibly long lived Fourth Doctor era, and Colin Laver’s design is a beautiful study in contrast when placed next to the Fourth Doctor’s scarf and coat. The bright whites and reds making a bold visual statement whilst the cricket motif made the character quite firmly and quaintly British.

It was the perfect choice for the shyer, more peaceful, good-hearted and courageous Fifth Doctor. Colin’s design was nothing short of inspired.

But Colin’s impressive resume doesn’t end there. During The Five Doctors anniversary special Colin was also charged with dressing Doctors One, Three and Four, not to mention his role in creating costumes for British television giants such as Eastenders and Last of the Summer Wine.