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Could Doctor Who LEGO Be Coming Soon?

Doctor Who and LEGO seem like such a perfect mix that it’s a surprise that the two have never joined forces – but the BBC have always opted instead for Who construction toys to be made by Character Options who have occupied the license for a few years now.

However, it looks like LEGO Doctor Who might just be a little closer – LEGO submission site Cuusoo, which accepts and reviews fan submissions for potential LEGO sets, has updated to reveal one very intriguing statement:

We now welcome projects based on the following licenses that used to have conflicts: 

Doctor Who – February 2014

Obviously this isn’t a confirmation that LEGO sets are on the way, but it certainly means that Who LEGO now has very little stopping it happening. Whether Doctor Who LEGO is on the way or not, it’s certainly a lot more likely now.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]