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Could ITV Make Doctor Who?

Director General of the BBC, Tony Hall, has unveiled plans today to let other major broadcasters make programmes for the BBC. This plan would potentially allow other TV broadcasters to make hit BBC shows such as Doctor Who or Strictly Come Dancing.

Hall says that ITV and Channel 4 would also have shows made by the BBC’s in-house production department. This reason behind this ‘revolution’ in the BBC is explained by Hall:

If independent producers can take their ideas to any broadcaster around the world, I would want the same for the BBC.

The BBC’s other hit show, Sherlock, is unlikely to be affected as it is already made by Steven Moffat’s independent film company Hartswood Film.

“Hey! Sparrow and Nightingale. That so works.”
“Bit ITV”

These are lines from Steven Moffat’s 2007 episode Blink which shows disdain towards ITV. There has so far been no response from the series’ head writer.

What do you think of Tony Hall’s preposition? Would you like to see Doctor Who made by ITV?

[Source: Radio Times]