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Could Game of Thrones Actor Richard Madden Star In Doctor Who?

As Whovians, we love hearing news about actors and actresses possibly joining to film an episode, or two, or more of our beloved programme Doctor Who, but could Jenna Coleman’s (Clara Oswald) boyfriend be up for some adventures in time and space?

The Game of Thrones star has teased a possible role for him in the show.

Speaking to entertainment website Zap2It said:

“I mean, I love Doctor Who. I’ve always loved Doctor Who.”

 Following this, he was asked whether he’d be up for a role in the popular programme, he teased:

 “We’ll just see what happens in the future.”

Since his character Robb Stark is no longer part of Game Of Thrones, could this be a chance for him to play alongside his partner Jenna happily, or will he be a new villain trying to kill The Doctor? Or neither? We’ll have to see as filming of Series 8 continues.

[Source : Mirror]