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Dalek Created Out Of 480,000 Matchsticks

Because there is a shortage of news at the moment, I have decided to post about a British man, who made a Dalek, from 480,000 matchsticks!

Two years ago, Brian Croucher decided to make a Dalek from matchsticks, and recently he has finished, as he applied varnish to the whopping 480,000 matchsticks!

“I spent an hour or maybe two on it at a day because I have a bad back and it is difficult sitting still for such a long time, besides, it can be a tedious business.”

He started his matchstick carreer 30 years ago, when he watched his nephew try to build his mums’s house. He said: “I told him it looked good but bet him that I could make a matchstick boat and finish it before he finished his house. He gave up half way through but I carried on.

“After the boat I made a full size rocking horse, a grandmother clock and a rocking chair. I had to take early retirement because of three disc bulges in my back and just found this very therapeutic.”

He used a Toy Dalek, produced for the BBC, and scaled it up 5 times.

He continued, “I did a Dalek because my wife Hazel bet me to do it as a challenge. Because I had made the five foot motor launch I wanted to make something bigger with more detail.

“I made a frame at the bottom and got the shape right and just went on from there. I stick the matches together in little blocks and then gradually build them up. My wife hands me the matchsticks and I put them together.

“The hardest bit was the little bubbles on the body because they have to be rounded. There are 56 of them and each one had to be built up and then sanded off.”

However, he expressed that the Dalek won’t be staying for long. He said, “It takes up too much room and I want to sell it, I’m prepared to listen to offers and sell it to the highest bidder.”

What do you think of this? Achievement or not?