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Daleks v Nazis?


According, to the Daily Star, the Daleks will play a story in series 5, along with the German Nazis! According to the report, 11th doctor, Matt Smith will land his new TARDIS in the middle of World War 2!

The report claims that Primeminister, Winston Churchill, will have an army of Daleks to fight the Germans off. The Daleks are said to be painted in khaki and green battle colours, with a union flag waving above the eye.

The source says that the Daleks will shout “Ausrotten”, which is Exterminate in German! But the Doctor apparently warns Churchill not to use the enemies as defence. A show source said: “It’s going to be one of the most fantastic stories.”

Then they said “Daleks, Churchill, Nazis, Hitler and Doctor Who‚ who can top that? The show’s writers know that bringing back the Daleks is always a ratings winner.”

They finally added, “The episode is being filmed in Wales and will not reach television screens until spring next year.

The episode, which will also star Alex Kingston as River Song, is due to air next year, at a currently unknown date.