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David Bradley: Twice Upon A Time ‘a big event’

Doctor Who guest star David Bradley has been discussing this year’s Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time.

The festive special will see Bradley take on the role of the First Doctor, having previously played original portrayer William Hartnell in the 2013 biopic An Adventure in Space and Time.

Bradley described what it was like to portray the First Doctor in this year’s special:

“From my previous role as Hartnell playing the Doctor I was already familiar with that way he would look at someone uneasily – his head tilted back and to one side – with the “Do I believe you or not?” quizzical, searching look that he gives people across his face.

“And of course his authoritative pose with his hands on his lapels, which makes him feel in charge of things. Though of course sometimes he doesn’t, because he’s a mixture of authority and vulnerability.

“And together with the humour, that’s where the humanity lies. He’s got so many different aspects to his personality.”

The actor also discussed how his character sees his future incarnation, played by Peter Capaldi:

“I think he views the Twelfth as junior to him and his Doctorship! He thinks this new man claiming to be the Doctor has a lot to learn – he quizzes and questions him a lot on the decisions he makes and why he throws himself into certain situations.

“I think the First Doctor really wonders if the Twelfth has got the experience and the nous to carry him through his adventures and dangerous situations. But he soon comes to realise that the Twelfth Doctor is himself as well, so he’s got to acknowledge that this figure who stands before him is who he becomes in the future. Which leads to a whole set of other questions, of course.”

On being a part of Capaldi’s final episode, Bradley said:

“I really did realise that this particular episode was a big event.

“Not that there was any pressure on the studio floor, but it was clear that it’s going to be a celebration of all the great work Peter has done over the last three years, and that Steven had done over the last decade or so, meaning it felt special in the sense.

“As well as being special because it’s this year’s big Christmas episode too!”

Twice Upon a Time airs on Christmas Day at 5:30pm on BBC One.

[Source: BBC]