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David Tennant Is NOT On The Web

We Are Now Aware That Imposters Pretending To Be David Tennant, Are NOT Real. We Take Big Action If We Find Out, And Legal Action May Well Be Taken.

David Tennant Does NOT Use Blog Websites, Such As Blogger, MySpace, Bebo & Many Other Website Providers. Even The David Tennant Official Website DOES NOT Have Contact With David. All This Imposting Is Against The Law In The UK & Ireland, And Is Illegal.

If You See Someone Pretending To Be Tennant, Please Contact Us IMMEDIATLEY, And We WILL Take Action, Please Tell Us When It Happened, The Website & The Users Name.

In Some Situations They Will Want To Meet Up With You, Remember They ARE NOT Who It Says They Are, We Strongly Reccomend That You DO NOT Meet With That Person, But Please Email Us If Such Situatuion Props Up,

The Security Team @ DWO