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Digital Spy: Ten Teasers About ‘Immortal Sins’

Digital Spy has released their usual ten teasers, this time for Torchwood: Mircale Day – Immortal Sins, Part 7 out of 10.

Back in 1920s New York, Jack meets the charming thief Angelo and soon falls head over heels, but could there be another twist in this tale?

1. “Look at me – do I look like a bureaucrat?”

2. Jack’s wrist device has another fantastic use, though there’s one thing it definitely can’t do.

3. “Don’t worry, it gets better… and then it gets worse again.”

4. We get a mention (for the first time this season) of a certain Time Lord hero.

5. “I’d move in close, so I can ***** her and she can ***** me.”

6. Jack’s been around for a long while, and his memory for names is not the greatest.

7. “Alright, stop your nagging!”

8. One character mistakes fireworks for explosions.

9. “Forgive me father for I have sinned… so many times… and that’s just today!”

10. Jack is a fan of marriage, though he’s not above misbehaving in church.

The next episode of Torchwood (The Middle Men) airs this Thursday at 9PM on BBC One and BBC One HD.

[Source: Digital Spy]