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Digital Spy’s Matt Smith Interview

Digital Spy have released an interview with 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, and part of the interview can be seen below:

You’ve only just finished shooting, haven’t you?
“We did some pickups because we needed a cornfield to grow – and then we went about trampling on it. It’s going to be good though. Episode eight is really strong. It’s one of my favourites I think, just because Alex [Kingston] is just gold. There’s quite a lot of payoff in it story-wise and Steven [Moffat]’s [script is] quite sort of rompy, so it’s a cracker.”

What can you tell us about ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’?
“It starts with a young Amy and Rory, and eventually the Doctor arrives and they’re older at that point. Then for some reason we’re in Germany in the 40s and we stumble across Alex Kingston, River Song. I won’t tell you how or why she appears, but it’s great Doctor Who. And then of course this creature called the Tesselecta comes in and adds the dynamic of the monster, as it were. But underneath all that the Doctor’s dying – again! But Steven manages to reinvent that notion all the time. I just think he was on top form when he wrote it, really.”

The rest of the interview can be read here.