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Do You Happen To Know How To Fly This Thing – Introducing Suman

Hello everyone – I’m Suman, another proud new member of the Gallifrey Times team! As a keen writer and massive Whovian I was delighted to see the opportunity to contribute to the Gallifrey Times pop up, and even more so to be taken on as a member of the team. I now have the honour and pleasure of helping to keep you all updated with the latest Doctor Who news as we head into Series 8 and beyond!

At the age of 26 I’m sadly part of the generation that didn’t have the chance to
grow up with the show, so my first taste was a showing of the TV
movie a few years before the show’s return in 2005. Consequently, although my
favourite Doctors tend to change based on who I’m watching at the time, I’ll
always consider Eight as ‘my’ Doctor, and his surprise comeback in The Night
of the Doctor
will forever remain one of my personal highlights of the 50th
anniversary! The TV movie got me hooked on Who enough to catch the New Series
from the beginning, and nine years later sees me trying to wade through the
sheer mass of Classic Series and Big Finish stories available!

In my opinion one of the strongest aspects of Doctor Who is its ability to mix up and play around with the way it tells stories, and I admire the way in which compelling character-driven pieces such as Midnight and The Girl Who Waited can sit so neatly alongside straightforward romps like The Unicorn and the Wasp and The Crimson Horror. I’m also a huge fan of anything ‘timey-wimey’, even though sometimes it might take more than one watch for me to fully get my head around it, and count The Day of the Doctor and The Big Bang amongst my favourite episodes for this reason.

I’m thrilled to be joining the team here at The Gallifrey Times, especially during such an exciting time for the show with the arrival of a new Doctor, and I’m really looking forward to getting started – I can only hope you’ll enjoy reading my articles as much as I’ll enjoy writing them!