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Doctor Who: 2013 Soundtrack News

Today, Doctor Who soundtrack makers Silva Screen have released details about the 2013 wave of Who-themed soundtracks.

First up, there’ll be a soundtrack for classic fan-favorite Fifth Doctor story The Caves of Androzani, the cover of which you can see on the right, which’ll be released on 25 March.

After that, there’ll be Second and Seventh Doctor releases for a classic story each (stories to be confirmed… but I’m sure you can imagine what they’ll be).

On the modern side of things, there’ll be a complete soundtrack to Series 7, featuring music from part 1, the 2012 Christmas Special, and part 2 of the latest series – to be released in the summer. There’ll also be a 50th anniversary ‘best of’ album, with music from every era of the show – the dates are to be confirmed.