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Doctor Who 2014 World Cup: Qualifying Rounds – Series 1 (2005)

Hello, and welcome to the Doctor Who 2014 World Cup, the tournament that will find out the greatest Doctor Who story of the revival – as voted for by you! You can read our introduction for a recap of the whole tournament, but here’s a quick rundown of the qualifying rounds:
There will be eight qualifying rounds posted weekly – one for each series plus all the Specials – and the top four most voted episodes from each will progress to the World Cup finals – the group stages – in March. We start off our journey with Series 1, Christopher Eccleston’s first and only series as the Ninth Doctor.
From Autons to Daleks, the Ninth Doctor’s life and death was certainly full of twists and turns – but what’s your favourite story? You can vote below for your favourite two stories of Series 1!

DW World Cup 2014 – Series 1 Qualifying Round (Pick your favourite 2 stories!)

The poll will be open until Friday 7th February – so please vote before then! We’ll have the results up on our World Cup page on Friday – and come back next Saturday for the Series 2 qualifying round, where David Tennant’s first series will be voted for.