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Doctor Who 2014 World Cup: Qualifying Rounds – Specials (2005-13)

Welcome back to the Doctor Who World Cup! Last week’s poll saw The Name of the Doctor romp to victory and an unexpected qualifier in the Series 7 qualifying round – and you can view all the results as well as the stories that have currently qualified on our World Cup page.

New to our World Cup? Here’s a quick explanation. There are eight qualifying rounds – one for each series plus the Specials, from which 32 stories progress (the top four from each qualifier). The group stages follow, from which the top two from each group of four stories progress into the classic tournament-style knockout rounds. Eventually, two stories will reach the final, with the winner being crowned World Cup champion!

After eight weeks of voting, the qualifying rounds conclude this week with our final qualifier – the Specials. Over the past nine years, there’s been several Christmas Specials and other Special episodes, showing the death and birth of two Doctors, the introduction of a companion and the show’s golden anniversary – but which Special was your favourite? You can vote below for your favourite two Specials!

DW World Cup 2014 – Specials Qualifying Round (Pick your favourite 2 stories!)
The poll will be open until Friday 28th March, so please get your votes in before then!

Next week is where the tournament starts to get interesting as the group stages are held. After the stories from each pot (Pot A is for poll winners, B for runners up and so on) are shuffled, they’ll randomly be drawn into eight groups of four stories each. Next weekend, we’ll see the World Cup proper begin as the 32 stories battle it out for a place in the knockout rounds. Part one will be up on Saturday 29th March, with part two on Sunday 30th March.