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Doctor Who 2014 World Cup: Qualifying Rounds – Series 2 (2006)

Welcome back to the Doctor Who 2014 World Cup! Before I start – a huge thank you to every person who voted in the very first qualifying round (the results of which are available on our World Cup page) – the response we received was phenomenal, and we hope to follow that up this time!
A quick recap – there are eight qualifying rounds – one for each series plus the Specials, from which 32 teams progress. The group stages follow, from which the top two from each of the eight groups progress into the classic tournament-style knockout rounds. We’re continuing the qualifiers today with Series 2, David Tennant’s very first series as the Tenth Doctor.
Series 2 saw the re-introduction of the Cybermen, the rise of the Beast and the tragic departure of Rose Tyler – but which story is your favourite? You can vote below for your two favourite stories of Series 2!

DW World Cup 2014 – Series 2 Qualifying Round (Pick your favourite 2 stories!)
The poll will be open until Friday 14th February – so please get your votes in before then! We’ll have the results up as soon as the poll closes on our World Cup page – and come back next Saturday for the Series 3 qualifying round, where Martha Jones and the return of the Master will be voted for!