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Doctor Who 2014 World Cup: Third Place Playoff

Welcome back to the Doctor Who 2014 World Cup! Last week’s semi-finals saw some tough competition, but we’re excited to announce that our World Cup finalists are Blink and The Day of the Doctor!
The final will be held next week – but there’s a bronze medal to be handed out to one of the unlucky losers of the semi-finals before we get there. Both of the losers of the semi finals might have lost their chance to make it into the final – but there’s still third place to play for, and today, voting for the third place playoff kicks off! The most voted for story will bag third place, with the loser taking fourth.
The stories here might have lost the semis, but they made it through plenty of tough rounds against fan-favourite opposition before – so choose your vote carefully! You can vote for one of the stories in the playoff below.

DW World Cup 2014 – Third Place Playoff

Voting closes on Friday 9th May, so get your votes in before then – and come back next Saturday for the big one, as your two favourite stories, Blink and The Day of the Doctor, battle it out in the final for the World Cup crown! Will it be the Weeping Angels or the Three Doctors?