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Doctor Who: 2015 Christmas Cup: The Results

Over the past few weeks you’ve been voting for your favourite Doctor Who Christmas Special before The Husbands of River Song comes around – and a hard-fought final, the winner has been crowned!

Before we get to the top two though, we also had a third-place playoff on our Twitter account, meaning that we have a top four this time around. So, from fourth to first, here’s the Specials that topped the Cup:


A Christmas Carol, making the semis for the second year running, crashed out in a semi-final against The Snowmen with 42.67% of the vote – and, despite its popularity throughout the poll, it lost out in the playoff to David Tennant’s regeneration story with 46%. 

THIRD PLACE: 2009 Christmas Special – THE END OF TIME

David Tennant’s final story has always been a divisive one, and it crashed out early on in last year’s competition. It proved to be a much stronger competitor this time around, however, and only just lost out by a hair to The Time of the Doctor in the semi-finals with 46.75% of the vote. Despite that loss, it emerged as the winner of the playoff against A Christmas Carol with 54%, giving it a very respectable bronze. Now, onto the top two – did The Snowmen retain its title?
SECOND PLACE: 2012 Christmas Special – THE SNOWMEN

In a rematch of last year’s final, we saw a very different result to last year. Despite performing strongly throughout all the rounds beforehand and topping the final for a considerable amount of time, The Snowmen eventually lost by a narrow margin in the final with 48.42% of the vote. This meant that last year’s winner lost its title to:
WINNER: 2013 Christmas Special – THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR

Only just scraping through to the final in unconvincing style, The Time of the Doctor, last year’s second place, appeared to be consigned to yet another loss in the final after a few days of voting. However, it gathered just enough support in the final days to sneak past The Snowmen, winning the final with 51.58% of the vote in a surprise result to become the winner of the 2015 Christmas Cup!
And, of course, there’s a new slice of festive Who coming our way in just five days as River Song makes her return. Happy Christmas, and thanks for voting in this competition!