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Doctor Who 2018 World Cup – Series 9 (2015) – Qualifying Round

Welcome back to the Doctor Who 2018 World Cup! Voting has now finished on the qualifiers for Series 7 and 8, so 24 of the spots for the group stages have now been secured. Now it’s time to continue the qualifiers with Series 9.

Peter Capaldi’s second series as the Doctor saw the death and (sort of) resurrection of Clara, the creation of the immortal Ashildr and the Doctor’s long, painful return to Gallifrey. You can vote below for your two favourite stories, and the top three will progress to the group stages:

DW World Cup 2018 – Series 9 Qualifying Round (Pick your favourite 2 stories!)

The poll will be open until Sunday 18th February. The World Cup will continue tomorrow with the Series 10 qualifying round as the Peter Capaldi era wraps up – see you there!