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Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary DVD Board Game Announced

BBC Worldwide have revealed a new Doctor Who 50th Anniversary DVD board game, which you can see to the right. Here’s some details on the Scene-It style game:

Experience all the action with clips from the epic Doctor Who TV series! Journey through space and time with all Eleven Doctors and companions – and confront the most fearsome of Monsters. 

Test your knowledge against your companions and save the Earth from destruction! Select easy, medium or hard questions to play the game. 

If you think you know it all then think again! 

1 Doctor Who Game Board
4 TARDIS playing pieces
1 Numbered die
1 Challenge die
88 Question cards
12 Time Travel cards
Game rules
Ages 8+
2+ Players or teams

The game will be released on 2nd September this year, and will cost £24.99. You can pre-order it here from the BBC shop.