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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special In 3D?

Matt Smith, who plays the 11th Doctor has expressed his interest in seeing the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who Special Episode being shot in 3D, also claiming he would love to be part of it.

He told Bang: ‘I love making Doctor Who and I get to be part of that 50th year which they’ll do something mental for. You know it will be brilliant.

‘I’m interested in all the 3-D stuff. If it could be filmed for 3-D TV that would be fun, especially with ‘Doctor Who’, but it’s very expensive. I don’t know how they’d do it.’

There has been confusion over Series 7 of Doctor Who next year, here’s what Matt had to say:

‘For me, it’s just that I know that I’m going to shoot 14 episodes, of which I’ll be in all of them. How they’ll actually schedule it, I don’t know. But all I know is that we start in February.’

Personally I don’t think that the 50th Anniversary Episode will be in 3D, as it’s very expensive and currently there is only one dedicated 3D Channel, ‘Sky 3D’.