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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Spoilers Released By City Hall

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers.

Doctor Who fans will no doubt remember that back in April, filming for the 50th Anniversary special episode temporarily closed London’s Trafalgar Square. In scenes widely reported at the time, Matt Smith’s Doctor was seen dangling from the TARDIS, offering a tantalising hint of what is to come when the episode airs.

However, it seems one as yet unnamed fan was not content to wait until November to find out more, and submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Greater London Authority, who responded with a 55-page PDF detailing all correspondence between the Doctor Who crew and the authority related to the day’s filming.

Though the majority of the contents are nothing more than the obligatory insurance and technical documents, the PDF revealed that the Unit Manager said the storyline could see the Doctor and his companions inside London’s National Gallery.

…most of the action takes place on the square and at the end of the scene some of our charachters (sp) walk off the square towards the Gallery and possibly up the steps and into the portico as if entering the Gallery… For the purpose of our story the National Gallery is portrayed as the National Gallery but any interior scenes are to be shot elsewhere.

The PDF can be read in full here.

The 50th Anniversary special will be broadcast worldwide on November 23rd, and will star Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, David Tennant, Billie Piper and John Hurt.

[Source: London24]