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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebrations On UKTV Australia & New Zealand

UKTV Australia and UKTV New Zealand will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who this month with an exciting line-up of Doctor Who action.

The eleven months of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary screenings on UKTV that began in January with a celebration of the First Doctor, end with stories featuring Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. To add to the Eleventh Doctor action, there will also be two days filled with more Doctor Who episodes on the anniversary weekend.

The Eleventh Doctor episodes scheduled to air are as follows…

3 November:
The Eleventh Hour – Australia : 3:20pm (Encore at 11:50pm); New Zealand: 5:20pm (Encore at 4 Nov, 4:50am)

10 November:
The Time Of Angels & Flesh And Stone – Australia : 2:35pm (Encore at 11:50pm); New Zealand: 4:50pm (Encore at 11 Nov, 4:25am)

17 November:
Amy’s Choice – Australia: 2:25pm; New Zealand 4:35pm (Encore at 18 Nov, 3:50am)
Asylum of the Daleks – Australia : 3:25pm; New Zealand: 5:30pm (Encore at 18 Nov, 4:40am)

Later in November, there will be a Doctor Who marathon running for more than 24 hours in total in the celebration weekend of 23-24 November.

For each Doctor, there will be a story screened in chronological order, preceded by the corresponding Doctor Who Revisited episode. This will feature the premier of the three most recent episodes of The Doctors Revisited in Australia and New Zealand. Note: the episodes for each Doctor are different to those broadcast on BBC America and Watch in the UK:

23 November:

  • Doctor Who Revisited: The First Doctor – AU: 5:30am; NZ: 6:35am
  • An Unearthly Child – AU: 5:55am; NZ 7:00am
  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Second Doctor – AU: 8:00am; NZ: 8:40am
  • The Tomb of the Cybermen – AU: 8:30am; NZ 9:10am
  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Third Doctor – AU: 10:35am; NZ: 10:50am
  • The Three Doctors – AU: 11:05am; NZ 11:20am
  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Fourth Doctor – AU: 1:10pm; NZ: 1:05pm
  • The Hand of Fear – AU: 1:40pm; NZ 1:35pm
  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Fifth Doctor – AU: 3:45pm; NZ: 3:20pm
  • The Caves of Androzani – AU: 4:15pm; NZ 3:50pm

24 November:

  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Sixth Doctor – AU: 6:10am; NZ: 7:20am
  • Revelation of the Daleks – AU: 6:40am; NZ: 7:50am
  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Seventh Doctor – AU: 8:45am; NZ: 9:25am
  • The Curse of Fenric – AU: 9:15am; NZ: 9:55am
  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Eighth Doctor – AU: 11:20am; NZ: 11:35am
  • Doctor Who: The Movie – AU: 11:50am; NZ: 12:00pm
  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Ninth Doctor – AU: 1:35pm; NZ: 1:30pm
  • Rose – AU: 2:05pm; NZ: 1:55pm
  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Tenth Doctor – AU: 3:10pm; NZ: 2:45pm
  • Blink – AU: 3:40pm; NZ: 3:10pm
  • Doctor Who Revisited: The Eleventh Doctor – AU: 4:45pm; NZ: 4:00pm
  • Asylum of the Daleks – AU: 5:15pm; NZ: 4:30pm

UKTV is also screening four Doctor Who BBC America-produced specials on Sundays, including The Timey Wimey Stuff of Doctor Who (AU: 10 Nov, 4:30pm); The Science of Doctor Who (NZ: 17 Nov, 6:30pm); The Destinations of Doctor Who (AU: 17 Nov, 4:25pm) and The Women of Doctor Who (NZ: 24 Nov, 6:30pm).

More episodes are scheduled to screen on UKTV in Australia during November include stories from Series 1 to 3 on weekdays at 9:20am, and Series 7: Part 1 on Sunday evenings at 5:30pm.

New Zealand also has screenings scheduled of episodes from Series 7: Part 1, on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm, with all five episodes repeated twice each days on weekdays from 18-22 November.

Upcoming broadcasts can be found on UKTV’s Doctor Who guide for Australia and New Zealand.

[Source: Doctor Who News]