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Doctor Who Actress Dies Aged 72

Caroline John, known and loved by many for playing Liz Shaw, the first Companion to John Pertwee’s Third Doctor, died earlier this month on the 5th, the BBC confirmed earlier today. She was buried yesterday in South-West London.

The star of four Classic Doctor Who adventures and many Doctor Who audio dramas produced by the company Big Finish is survived by her husband Geoffrey Beevers who played The Master alongside the Fourth Doctor.

Caroline was an accomplished actress, even touring with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

One story she liked to tell was that in preparation for her role as Elizabeth Shaw, Caroline purchased a book of scientific terminology, only to find the writers had only given her character technobabble terms.

She also had the good fortune of being allowed to drive the Doctor’s beloved car Bessie. Not to mention the unique honour of being the first Companion on the show after it switched to colour.

Caroline had always embraced the role of Liz Shaw and how she was attached to it, being an enthusastic contributor to the Doctor Who Big Finish audio dramas and having provided DVD commentary on the recent releases of her adventures. She will be missed by many.