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Doctor Who Actress Discusses Finale Role


Frances Barber who has a role in the mid-series finale of Series 6, has confirmed and revealed a few details about her character.

The actress will appear as Madame Kovarian in Saturday’s episode, which is titled ‘A Good Man Goes To War’.
Thanks to Digital Spy for the text and interview below:

Barber told Total TV Guide: “She’s popped up in several episodes, but until now you’re not sure who she is, or who she is even talking to.”

She added: “[Kovarian is] involved with Amy’s pregnancy, before and after the birth, and is in charge of a band of soldiers.”

Barber, who has made cameo appearances in four recent episodes, also praised her character’s unusual outfit.

“It’s a very fitted ’40s femme fatale look, but it has a futuristic twist,” she explained. “It’s a powerful, dominatrix look, though not in a sexual way. Doctor Who is a family drama!”

The Doctor Who mid-series finale airs this Saturday on BBC One in the UK and will air the following week on BBC America in the US. The show will return in late 2011