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Doctor Who Adventures Magazine Goes Digital

To celebrate 300 issues of the weekly children’s Doctor Who magazine, Doctor Who Adventures, an app for iPad and iPhone has been released which allows readers to purchase and subscribe to digital issues of the publication.

Single issues will be available for £1.99 each, while a 3 month subscription costs £22.99. Although the magazine won’t come with the free gifts that the magazine is famous for, it will include exclusive comic strips, behind the scenes info, news and interactive quizzes and puzzles.

Natalie Barnes, editor of DWA, said:

We’re so pleased that Doctor Who Adventures is travelling through all of space and time to reach new readers. We can’t wait to hear from them!

The full details can be seen below:

Doctor Who Adventures is the ultimate magazine for kids that are crazy about monsters, aliens and that top Time Lord, the Doctor! Each weekly issue is bursting with beasts, brain-teasers and big Who news. If you can’t get enough of the Doctor’s adventures, then subscribe to this awesome app to ensure you never miss an issue. Geronimo! 

Every issue contains; 

The latest Doctor Who news
We’ve got the hottest news about this brilliant show and its top stars. We’ll guide you around the Whoniverse! 

Beastly brain-teasers
Each issue is packed with tricky puzzles that will put your Who IQ to the test! 

A brilliant comic strip
Follow the Doctor’s adventures as he battles aliens, saves worlds and tries out new hats… 

Get all of the on-set secrets and find out what really happens behind the cameras!  

Loads of monster facts
Learn a Dalek’s weak spot, how to knock out a Sontaran or survive a Weeping Angel attack! 

Subscribe and Save
You can receive generous savings when you subscribe to the app choosing the term which suits you best:
3 month – £22.99  

Single issue copies are also available within the App  

You can view the app in iTunes here.