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Doctor Who: Alex Kingston Talks Matt Smith Leaving & Twelfth Doctor

River Song actress Alex Kingston appeared on BBC chat show The One Show earlier this evening, and she briefly chatted about Doctor Who.

Kingston said of Matt Smith’s departure as the Eleventh Doctor:

“I wasn’t surprised because he and I had had a chat [about him leaving]. At some stage you have to move on. We did discuss when would be the right time in a young actor’s career if they were very associated with a particular role. You have to move on otherwise it becomes very difficult because you get typecast.”

She was also asked about the idea of a female Doctor, with Helen Mirren cited as an example, replying:

“I don’t think I could kiss her though… There’s always a first time isn’t there.”

She also confirmed that River Song couldn’t be a future incarnation of the Doctor:

“She’s not. She’s married to him essentially!”

[Source: Doctor Who TV]