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Doctor Who : All Series 9 Episode Titles Confirmed

Following the four episode titles previously revealed, and a surge of social media speculation over the others, the BBC have finally revealed the remaining episode titles for the upcoming series of Doctor Who. With less than a week till launch, with previews and excitement reaching their peaks, Radio Times will surely have more information on the highly anticipated new series when their latest issue is revealed to the public tomorrow.

The BBC announced the news via Twitter earlier today:

The full, confirmed episode title list for Series 9 is as follows :

Episode 1 : The Magicians Apprentice

Episode 2 : The Witch’s Familiar

Episode 3 : Under The Lake

Episode 4 : Before The Flood

Episode 5 : The Girl Who Died

Episode 6 : The Women Who Lived

Episode 7 : The Zygon Invasion

Episode 8 : The Zygon Inversion

Episode 9 : Sleep No More

Episode 10 : Face The Raven

Episode 11 : Heaven Sent

Episode 12 : Hell Bent

What’re your thoughts on all the Series 9 episode titles? Do you prefer them to the Series 8 Titles? Is Heaven Sent suggesting another return to the Nethersphere? How excited are you for the new series? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.