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Doctor Who All Stars: Qualifying Rounds – Ninth Doctor (2005)

Hello, and welcome to Doctor Who All Stars, our tournament to find your favourite Doctor Who actor from the revival series! You can read our introduction for a recap of the whole tournament, but here’s a quick rundown of the qualifying rounds:
There will be four qualifying rounds posted weekly – one for each modern Doctor’s era, consisting of eight actors from that Doctor’s era picked by TGT. The top four most voted actors from each qualifier will progress to the knockout stages in February. We start off our journey with a somewhat short-lived era – that of the Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston for just thirteen episodes back in 2005.
The first Doctor of the revival series might have only had one series, but plenty of talented actors appeared in Series 1, including several who would recur in the show for years to come – but who’s your favourite actor of the series? You can vote below for your two favourite actors from the Ninth Doctor’s era!
Note: While some actors here also appeared in the Tenth Doctor’s era, they’ve been placed here due to their introduction in the Ninth Doctor’s time (and the smaller pool of actors available than other eras).

DW All Stars – Ninth Doctor Qualifier (Vote for your 2 favourites!)
The poll will be open until Friday 16th January – so please vote here before then! We’ll have the results up on our All-Stars page on Friday. Come back next Saturday for the Tenth Doctor’s qualifier, where the longest serving revival Doctor will be voted for!