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Doctor Who All Stars: Qualifying Rounds – Tenth Doctor (2005-10)

Welcome back to Doctor Who All Stars! Last week’s Ninth Doctor qualifier saw Billie Piper snatch victory while John Barrowman, Christopher Eccleston and Penelope Wilton also got their tickets to the knockout stages – a massive thank you to all those who voted, with the poll reaching over a thousand votes!
A quick recap. There will be four qualifying rounds posted weekly – one for each modern Doctor’s era, consisting of eight actors from that Doctor’s era picked by TGT. The top four most voted actors from each qualifier will progress to the knockout stages in February. We’re continuing the qualifiers today with the longest-lived Doctor of the post 2005 era – David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor.
David Tennant’s four years in the TARDIS saw two major new companions, the re-imagining of a classic foe for the modern day and a classic fan favourite character return (among a whole host of high profile guest stars) – but who’s your favourite actor of the Tenth Doctor’s era? You can vote below for your two favourite actors from the Tenth Doctor’s era!

DW All Stars – Tenth Doctor Qualifier (Vote for your 2 favourites!)
The poll will be open until Friday 23rd January – so please vote here before then! Come back next Saturday for the Eleventh Doctor’s qualifier, where Matt Smith’s three years in the TARDIS will be voted for…