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Doctor Who All Stars: Qualifying Rounds – Twelfth Doctor (2014)

Welcome back to Doctor Who All Stars! Last week’s Eleventh Doctor qualifier saw Matt Smith clinch victory while Karen Gillan, Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill also made it to the knockout stages.

A quick recap. There will be four qualifying rounds posted weekly – one for each modern Doctor’s era, consisting of eight actors from that Doctor’s era picked by TGT. The top four most voted actors from each qualifier will progress to the knockout stages in February. We’re concluding the qualifiers today with Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, the current incarnation of the character who has served 13 episodes in the role so far.

There’s more to come from Capaldi’s Doctor, but his first series saw characters aplenty, from the first female incarnation of the Master to UNIT staff to Coal Hill teachers – but who’s your favourite character of the Twelfth Doctor’s era so far? You can vote below for your two favourite actors from the Twelfth Doctor’s era!

DW All Stars – Twelfth Doctor Qualifier (Vote for your 2 favourites!)
The poll will be open until Friday 6th February, so make sure to vote before then! With the qualifiers finished, next Saturday sees the competition proper begin, as the final 16 actors battle it out head to head in the first knockout round.