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Doctor Who And Me

Salutations Whovians!

My name is Patrick, one of the new additions to the wonderful TGT team. I am going to come straight out and say I absolutely leaped at the chance to write and report on Doctor Who. I said to myself ”This is a fantastic opportunity to interact directly with something I love”. And trust me, I love me my Who.

Every single person who has ever watched Doctor Who has their own unique introduction to the series. Indeed, this is one of the reasons I adore this show like I do; everyone has their first episode, and everyone has their Doctor. For me? It is number 10, David Tennant. Or maybe it is Christopher Eccleston?

Perhaps, like me, some of you began your adventures in time and space with The Parting of the Ways. Of course back then I did not have the foggiest what Doctor Who was, nor did I fathom how truly it would impact me in the future. I was sat with my cousin and his dad at their house, during a trip to Wales (hold on! Wales? Filmed in Cardiff? It was meant to be!). What I remember watching back then is hazy, but I realised this was something different. Roll on a year to 2006 and The Impossible Planet. Remember that terrifying Beast that pops up on the screen during that episode? Yeah, I ran into the garden terrified. This and The Satan Pit I remember as my true introduction to Doctor Who at its best: fantastical and scary.

Both 9 and 10 share a place in my heart, even if 10 belongs as my Doctor. As Series 8 emerges over the horizon, think about all those new Whovians, taking their first steps just as you did, into time and space. It is a glorious time to be a Whovian.