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Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan – 10 Teasing Quotes

Cult Box have released their usual 10 teasing quotes for Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 5: The Angels Take Manhattan.

» “It is so humiliating when you do that.”

» “I hate endings.”

» “Beware the yowzah…”

» “That’s an awful lot of locks for one door.”

» “It would be impossible to land the TARDIS here.”

» “You bad boy, you could burn New York.”

» “Didn’t you used to be somebody?”

» “One does one’s best to hide the damage.”

» “He was so pleased to see you again.”

» “One psychopath per TARDIS.”

The Gallifrey Times will unfortunately not be publishing a spoiler-free preview of this episode. However, we will be publishing a full review after the episode has aired.