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Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan – 11 Teasers

Cult Box have released their usual 11 teasers for Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 5: The Angels Take Manhattan.

» They shouldn’t be in the same room at the same time, should they?

» A device used in A Town Called Mercy is used again, whilst it shares similarities with The God Complex and Bad Wolf.

» A Huey Lewis & the News song gets mentioned.

» Oh, that’s gonna Sting!

» A seemingly throwaway line in The Impossible Astronaut suddenly makes a lot of sense.

» Something heard in Asylum of the Daleks is heard again.

» Someone is texting a boy…

» Rory’s love of children is put to the test.

» Lightbulbs and Christmas, again!

» The Doctor shares a trait with Billy Crystal from When Harry Met Sally, except opposite.

» The events of The Curse of the Black Spot and The Beast Below get referenced.

The Gallifrey Times will unfortunately not be publishing a spoiler-free preview of this episode. However, we will be publishing a full review after the episode has aired.