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Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan – 11 Teasers

Doctor Who TV have released their first set of teasers for the Series 7 mid-series finale, The Angels Take Manhattan.
  1. Lightbulbs make another appearance
  2. “I won’t let them take him”
  3. A family trip to the pub is ruined
  4. “Just you wait until my husband gets home”
  5. The Doctor wears reading glasses now. Reading glasses are cool
  6. “There’s a car out front. Shall we steal it?”
  7. There is a very distasteful line read by the Doctor at the beginning
  8. “Rory, do I have noticeable lines on my eyes now?”
  9. The Doctors pockets keep getting deeper and deeper
  10. “Amelia, I am so, so sorry”
  11. There is a scene that is very reminiscent of one from 2010′s “Cold Blood”