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The Doctor Who Archives: The Eleventh Doctor

(Monday 10th January 2011)

FACT: Matt Smith is the youngest ever Actor to play the Timelord in all of the shows 47 years history.

INFORMATION: Matt Smith made his debut as the Eleventh Doctor on Saturday 3rd April 2010. Since then he has made 13 episodes, been involved in a Live tour and has starred in a Christmas Special. The Eleventh Doctor loves hat’s so far we have seen Matt Smith (The Doctor) wear a Fez and in the new series we will see him wear a Stetson.

RUMORS: Rumors have been going round Newspapers and Who fansites for a while now, about how long Matt Smith will play the Timelord. It is said to be believed he will stay on till 2013 – Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary. You can view an article that was posted on WhovianNet here.