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Doctor Who artist in Flintshire for 3 day event

Jeff Cummins will be in Flintshire this weekend sharing stories of his career, his works as well as performing signings.

Cummins is returning to North Wales this weekend for a special three day event. He will be hosting a Show and Tell at the Stamford Gate Hotel. This event will showcase some of his more impressive works, such as those he has done for Doctor Who. The artist is also well known for his Paul McCartney album cover artwork.

The event began Friday 7th December and runs through Sunday 9th December. Visiters can meet the artist as well as admire his work. Cummins will be sharing stories of his career as well as his personal experiences as an artist.

Signings will take place at a stall manned by the artist from 11.30-12 noon.

Cummins has drawn multiple covers for Doctor Who Target books. “I’m very proud of my association with Doctor Who. A fan from day one”, the artist shared. He continued, “I enjoy getting feedback from people who love a particular cover, because it covered the first novel they ever bought for themselves, or it made them want become an artist.”

Cummins fans include not only Peter Capaldi, who played the twelfth Doctor but also Tom Baker who played the fourth. “Tom Baker told me my cover for the Horror of Fang Rock, featuring Tom as the Doctor, was his favourite cover! So, yes it’s great to feel part of ‘Who’ lore”, Cummins boasted.

Fans unable to attend the event can view more of Cummins works in his online portfolio.