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Doctor Who at 50: Guests Announced For Eighth & Tenth Doctor Events

The BFI’s Doctor Who at 50 season is reaching its conclusion, but there’s still three events left before the season wraps up – and Q&A guests have been announced for two of those events, the Eighth and Tenth Doctors’.

The Tenth Doctor’s event, which will take place on Sunday 29th September, will consist of a screening of 2008 two-parter The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End, followed by a Q&A with special guests.

These newly announced guests are David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor himself), Catherine Tate (Donna Noble), Graeme Harper (director of the two-parter shown as well as several other ‘new’ and classic Who stories), Phil Collinson (producer between 2005 and 2008, who also attended the Ninth Doctor event) and Andy Pryor (Doctor Who‘s casting director since 2005, who has helped in the casting of four Doctors).

The Eighth Doctor’s event, which will take place on Saturday 5th October, will consist of a panel discussing the ‘wilderness’ years where Doctor Who was off the air, a screening of the 1996 TV Movie and a Q&A discussion.

The guests for the ‘in-between years’ panel will consist of Gary Russell, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Nick Briggs and Andrew Cartmel, and the Q&A discussion will be attended by Paul McGann (the Eighth Doctor himself), Daphne Ashbrook (TV Movie companion Grace) and Geoffrey Sax (director of the TV Movie).

The events are both sold out, but fans are advised to check for possible openings.

[Source: Radio Times]