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Doctor Who At YouTube’s Geek Week

BBC Worldwide have released a statement regarding their involvement in YouTube’s Geek Week event, starting from Sunday 4th August.

BBC Worldwide will be turning up the geek factor from Sunday August 4 as part of YouTube’s Geek Week event, hosting a wealth of bespoke content across the Doctor Who, Earth Unplugged and Head squeeze channels. The BBC Worldwide channel will host a montage of all the content as it’s released so fans can keep up to date with all the action.

Doctor Who content includes a music video and behind-the-scenes clip of the band Chameleon Circuit’s latest music video ‘Teenage Rebel’, which was shot on the set of the TARDIS at Roath Lock Studios. The band write and play music known as ‘Time Lord Rock’, with entire albums dedicated to the television show. The music video can be found on Alex Day’s channel and the behind-the-scenes clip can be found on Doctor Who’s official channel.

BBCAmericaTV have also posted two video clips of Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman giving facts and survival tips as part of the Geek Week event, which can be viewed below.

[Source: BBC]