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Doctor Who: Before the Flood – Question of the Week

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for Before the Flood. If you haven’t seen the episode, click away now!

During Series 8, we introduced our Question of the Week polls, asking TGT readers for their opinions on one of the burning questions left by that week’s episode, and releasing the results the following week. We’re continuing that for Series 9, with a new poll every Sunday!
For episode four, Before the Flood, we’re looking at the question posed by the Doctor at the start of the episode as he explained the concept of the bootstrap paradox: ‘Who really composed Beethoven’s Fifth‘? Was it actually Beethoven who put those notes or phrases down… or someone else (please note: this week’s poll may not be entirely serious)? Leave your thoughts in the poll below:

Who really composed Beethoven’s Fifth?

We’ll be revealing the results of this poll, alongside our traditional rate the episode poll (which you can vote in here). We’ll have the Question of the Week for The Girl Who Died next Sunday!